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Garden Party | Church of the Epiphany

Secret Garden Party – Sunday June 2nd, 2013

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 Our Garden Party came off with a big bang – such an enthusiastic and pleasurable afternoon! More than 200 of you showed up in Way’s Mills to underscore your interest in our religious heritage, and in particular to support the restoration of the Church of the Epiphany, one of our village symbols of those pioneer families who settled and developed our landscape in the 19th century.

Right now, we’re knee deep in the accounting process – how much came in and how much has to be paid. It won’t take us long, and then we can give you a complete picture of the result, due entirely to the wonderful generosity of your gifts and your warm participation in the auctions.

The Denis Dubuc Trio and Chef Eric Garand were there to stimulate the conversation and the taste buds and to complement the raindrops that kept falling on our heads. Some of you strolled by the lake, enthralled by the beauty of the gardens and the gentle floating birds.  Some of you visited the unique round barn, a truly amazing remnant from the pioneer days.

We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

A special thanks to our three ‘artists in residence,’ Anthony Hobbs, Kate Alexander and Masti Denise Mayrand; they contributed enormously to our success by donating their works of art for auction. We couldn’t have carried out the project without the help of our fine crowd of day volunteers – parking attendants, guides at the church, the shuttle drivers, and indeed the young people who helped out in the barn and the gardens – not to forget our auctioneer who turned out to be a real pro, Angus MacKinnon, (with the great help of Michel Belzil).

It was due to our chief organizer Chantal Therrien that the whole event went off so well. She maintained such a high degree of enthusiasm through the difficult days of getting it all together – to say nothing of her patience in dealing with our motley crew of volunteers.

Thanks a million, Chantal!

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