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Partners and Links

Residents of Barnston West and Way’s Mills are privileged to have contact with several regional and national organisations.  The following list is not exhaustive, and we try to keep it updated.

If you come across a site which references us or which could have some interest in our people or villages, the protection of heritage including the life of the pioneer migrations in the XVIIIth and XIXth centuries, please do not hesitate to let us know about this by e-mail :


Municipality of Barnston-Ouest


Attractions of the valley of the Coaticook River


Le Chemin des Cantons – a trail wandering the roads of the Eastern Townships


Taking stock of the Coaticook River Valley through photographs


Coaticook Regional Municipal Council


Produce from our countryside, known for their unique flavours


Get to know notable characters from our history


The Village of Ayer’s Cliff on the shores of beautiful Lake Massawippi


Stanstead Historic Society and the Colby-Curtis Museum


Archives and photographs from the Coaticook Historic Society

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