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The Community Centre | Church of the Epiphany

The Community Centre

The first move to build the Barnston West Community Centre dates back to 1914. Until that time, the social activities in Way’s Mills took place in the village school. However, it became evident that a. bigger and more permanent place was needed to accommodate the growing needs of the residents.

It was at that moment that Clarissa Clark Bean and Elizabeth Davidson Cramer entered the picture. After getting together with other members of the Homemakers Club, the two friends approached Elizabeth’s husband, Willis Cramer asking him to submit an estimate for the construction of a permanent building in which the interior could be finished as time and money allowed. Then they went about the village and neighbourhood raising funds. To make sure that they would have an ongoing source for fund-raising, Mrs. Bean and Mrs. Cramer established the Perseverance Club, later renamed the Progressive Club, whose activities served to finance the project. Once the construction got underway, the men of the village took turns until the job was done.

Over the years the hall would remain the centre of social life for the residents of Way’s Mills. In 1995, The Union Progressive Hall was turned over to the Municipality for a symbolic sum, together with a promise that the building would be restored. In the same year, the Municipality hired M. Luc Muyldermans, engineer, a resident of Barnston West, to supervise the restoration. The work was started in September1995 and was completed in June 1996. The Barnston West Community Centre was inaugurated on the 6th October, 1996.


The building is 16.7 metres long by 9.14 metres wide

Its height is 9.53 metres

Ground floor – meeting rooms and kitchen

Upper floor – meeting room with stage

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