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The Union Church | Church of the Epiphany

The Union Church

The foundation of the Way’s Mills Union Chapel was the result of a close collaboration between the elders of four different religious groups. From early 1880, members of the Baptist, Crisis Adventist, Herald Adventist and Methodist congregations, whose names are recorded on a wooden tablet in the church, agreed to unite to build a common place of worship, instead of having to meet in various different homes and locations.

The Union Chapel was put up in 1881. Under the architect, Gilbert Moulton, and the builders, Riley Cass, Ozro Cass, and Charles Davis, a simple, sober but elegant building was devised and executed. There are a few notable and distinctive elements in it. The double bell tower, the three clover leaves above the main door and the carvings of four leaves on the larger faces of the tower reflect a certain Gothic influence as can often be noted in village churches throughout New England.

In 1925, the Union Chapel voted to merge into the United Church of Canada, and then became known as The Union Church.

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